Across all walks of life, there are men of valor
Above every bias and insincerity are men of value
Trusted by their children, loved by their wives
Roasted by the fire of realities, baked in the heat of life

Deep minds as though oceanic basin
Strength of a lion with barbary crown
Sweats of steel from the workings of a clock
Pathfinders, rigorously chanting; act now!

Aged but checking no calendar. Styling the grey.
Counsel of Solomon, listens like the walls
Strategic radical; young cabalistic peace-lover
These custodians of the honor meant for great kings

Like each element, every man has his use, from
food sector, health, telecom and transport, until
it cuts through finance and real estate.
God the omnipresent, using men in every sector

Like most elements, many men are unstable
Until they reach nobility, they lack power over their lusts
Insatiable, humans feel they need more to be complete
The more further needs more and the urge never ends

The best use of elements are in men’s purpose
The best use of men are in God’s purpose
Can a man be truly fulfilled without the Almighty?
Whether he becomes noble or not, God has use for all that come.

Responsible men’s club; creating realities.

Do you feel that you have a chemistry with us? Would you like to join us? It takes patience to go through the filter, kindly show understanding …